Monday, November 28, 2016

"Courtyard" Mystery Quilt Clue 8

Clue 8:  Border

We’ll be adding a 3” border all around.  Mine is going to be purple, because I like purple.

Sew 2 of the 3-1/2" Border strips to form a long (approx. 80") strip; repeat with another pair of strips.

Cut one of the remaining strips in half and sew one of the halves to a remaining full strip to form a strip approx. 60" long' repeat with the remaining half and full strip.

Measure the length of the quilt (measure in the center).  Cut the 80" strips to that length and sew one to each long side of the quilt. Press seams toward the border.

Measure the width of the quilt, again measuring in the center.  Cut the 60" strips to that length and sew one to the top and to the bottom of the quilt.  Press toward the Border strips.

NOW all that’s left is the shouting.  After the quilting and binding, of course.   

I hope you enjoyed making “Courtyard.”  I would love to see photos of your finished quilt!


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