Saturday, November 6, 2010

Silk/Bamboo Scarf

I learned a couple of new techniques on the rigid heddle that I want to try out, so I've warped the loom with a lovely silk/bamboo blend in a taupe-ish gray.  The weft will be several colors in the same blend.

Friday, November 5, 2010

Loom ordered!

I ordered a loom today--a 4+4 Schacht Baby Wolf. (I didn't order the high castle, as shown on this one, but I did order the "rollers" for it so I can wheel it around.  This also shows 8 harnesses, and mine will have only 4 to start--with the option to ad 4 more later.)

The major problem will be with receiving the shipment--someone has to be be here to unload it from the truck and take it into the house.  I hope the shipping schedule fits in with my work/road schedule!!

Sample "weave ups"

I'm weaving a sample piece with sections of various yarns I've spun, to see how they would weave up.  The brown/green/white merino isn't bad:

but my favorite so far is the bamboo with pink-ish merino.  It (still) reminds me of old fashioned peppermint sticks, and it's very soft.  I may have to spin some more bamboo fiber and find more pink merino, so I can weave a scarf with it!

Thick Corriedale 2 ply

I *still* have some gray West Corriedale, and I tried spinning thicker singles, then made 2-ply yarn from it.  And I like it.  If it were softer I would weave it into a scarf or knit it into a cowl, but it may end up as a table weaving of some sort.