Saturday, January 21, 2012

A wondrous world!

This past week I've been especially grateful for my new spinning and weaving friends in the online social world.  In the #spinchat discussions on Twitter I learned about Cormo sheep and fleece, got expert advice on twist and energy in yarn, and plying. I'm learning to spin cotton on a supported spindle and, on Ravelry, I asked for advice on how to avoid creating slumps when I go back to drafting after pinching to add extra twist to a length of singles, and I shortly had advice from fellow support spindlers.

I love getting together with my spinning and quilting friends in person but that isn't always possible--and certainly not 24/7--but in this wonderful technological world I can connect with like-souled individuals around the world.  (The chances that I'd be able to find someone locally who spins cotton on a supported spindle are not great.)

So, today--and always--I'm grateful to live in a world where I can practice fiber arts that bring me closer to the source of the fibers, handling and working with fiber and fabric using traditional technologies, like hands and spindles and looms and wheels, but can also work magic with fancy sewing machines and cutting tools, and connect with friends doing the same, all over the world.

Isn't the world great??

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