Saturday, June 30, 2012

Tour de Fleece (de Flax?)

Today is the beginning of the Tour de France, which means it's also the start of the Tour de Fleece, during which participants try to spin every day of the tour.  I certainly won't be short of materials to spin!

On the challenge day (July 18 this year--the most challenging day for the cyclists) I will plan to spin flax.  (See my earlier post for explanation of why I've chosen that.)   That will give me some time to locate and procure some flax--beyond the sample that I have.

As I've been researching some history of flax spinning, I learned that in early years some of the flax might have been spun just by "rolling" lengths on the spinner's leg.  As I don't have enough in the sample to spin on the wheel, I decided to give the leg-rolling a try.  It works, but I wouldn't want to spin enough flax to make linen cloth this way!  (Pictured are a single and a 2-ply, rolled/spun on my leg.) It seems to be a pretty sturdy thread, so I'd feel reasonably comfortable using it as warp on some fabric.

So, I think my ultimate goal of the Tour de Fleece would be to spin enough to weave just a small piece of linen, on which I might do some hand embroidery--something to honor my foremothers.
In the meantime, however, I'll be finishing up with spinning some BFL, then dig in my stash and pull out something else.  Part of the adventure will be discovering all that fiber that I've stashed and forgotten that I have.  I think there's some camel in there somewhere....

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