Friday, June 29, 2012

The start of it all

Originally, I began this journey to learn how to spin cotton.  I planned to go back to school for a Master's Degree in quilt history (from University of Nebraska) and for a thesis project thought it would be interesting to go through the making of a quilt from the VERY beginning--spinning the cotton thread, weaving the fabric (weaving has long fascinated me), and making a quilt with it.  All right, it was going to be a small quilt!  That plan is on hold, at least for now, but the journey is still on.

Thus far I have spun cotton only on supported spindles, and that is taking a lot of practice!  I learned, finally, that you really do just barely hold the cotton store--I knew it intellectually, but until I felt the difference when I finally let loose of my grip I didn't really KNOW it.   I've been watching cotton spinners on videos on DVD and YouTube, trying to absorb information about their process and rhythm.  I'm learning that finding the rhythm is very important; sometimes I'm in rhythm and sometimes I just am not.  At all.

I would like to try some cotton spinning on the wheel, and on a chakra.  But for now I am content to be in search of my spindle cotton rhythm.  I'm almost there, I think!

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