Thursday, March 24, 2011

First Commission, Warping!

I finally have had a chance to start warping the commission piece for Kim.  It will be the widest piece I've woven yet, just shy of the width of the loom.   The threads will be the same as for the St. Pat's table runner:  cotton/linen warp, and a green, flecked yarn for weft.

I've learned a couple of things with this warping, things that work better for me, anyway.  Mostly I've discovered that it's much better if I temporarily tie warp threads in groups of 4 at the back.  It takes some more time to do the warping (I'm warping front to back) but it makes it much less likely that I'll make an error when threading heddles--at least when I'm using 4 shafts.

Almost has the front beam warped last night, and then realized I had made an error.  That I made that mistake, and then took so long to realize it, meant I needed to hang it up and go to bed!  Tonight I'll be able to finish warping, and maybe start winding some bobbins for the weft.

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