Thursday, March 3, 2011

Weaving again

I've been doing a "little bit" of weaving while I waited for thread to start learning double-weave.  It has arrived but, in the meantime I have a commission. (My first!)  While I waited for measurements I started a piece for a St. Pat's Day table runner.  And therein lies the adventure.  :-)

I have warped the loom several times, and everything has gone remarkably smoothly.  I suppose I shouldn't have expected that to go on forever--but I was hopeful.  Let's just say it was a warping-from-hell.  I learned a couple of things, though:  how to make a heddle from string (actually, I used sock yarn and I may come to regret that--fortunately it isn't a very long piece, so the friction will hopefully not destroy it), and I also learned that when you make such a heddle you must pay attention to where you create the "eye."   Mine was too high and when I opened the shed that warp thread was not clear about where it wanted to be.  I fumbled--literally--my way through that, and weaving seems to be going smoothly now.

So, once this piece is finished I'll be ready to get started on the commission.  I had bought yarn for the commission but, now that I've been working on this piece, I think I'd like to use this same combination of warp and weft yarns for the comIMG_20110228_212407.jpgmission.

(Pink yarn is just waste weaving, to even out the warp threads.)

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