Thursday, July 28, 2016

Reader Poll: The Better to See You With

Quilt designs are everywhere and, in my experience, waiting rooms and health care offices can be splendid places for design inspiration--if nothing else they take your mind off what it is you're waiting for.

My dentist's office, for example, yielded some inspiration.  I love the simple but interesting design of the light fixture over the sink in the ladies' rest room.  (There may be an equally interesting one in the men's room, but I didn't check that out.)

I had occasion, in short and illuminated bytes, to study the light focused on my mouth while getting my teeth cleaned.  The hygienist thought me a wee bit crazy at first when, as we waited word on whether I'd need a crown replaced (I do), I asked if I could take a photo of the light.  (It looks a little alien-like, doesn't it?)

Here are some design ideas that came out of, and evolved from, the photo; let me know in the comments which you like best.  I know, some of them look very much the same as the next, but there are a few differences, if quite subtle at times.  And the colors are probably not the final ones,though the relative size and placement on the quilt would be as shown.

Sigh.  I like each of them, for different reasons.  Help me to decide.










The hygienist wants to see the quilt when it's finished.  There may be more than one in it.  :-)

Let me know which you like best!

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