Monday, July 4, 2016

A New Mystery Quilt: Spinners!

Think motion and designs that spin!  I like to tackle a mystery quilt now and then, and I'm hoping you do, too!   This "Spinners" design has been on my design wall (well, archives) for awhile now, and it's time it found some legs.  The quilt doesn't have a lot of pieces, or small pieces, and I think a beginner would be fine with it--though it may not be appropriate for a first quilt.

There will be 6  or 7 more clues, depending on how I decide to divide up the finishing, and I'll post a new clue each Monday.  (Starting next week, I'll also include a link to print-friendly version of each week's clue.  They will have diagrams, rather than photos, to try to save you some ink.  :-)  

Let's get started with choosing fabric.

Clue 1: Fabric

I will be giving the finished sample quilt to Quilts of Valor, so I'm using a red, white, and blue color scheme, but other colors and combinations will work, as long as there is good contrast among the fabrics.  Think two fabrics with good contrast, and a background (white/tan, in my case).  

I think the quilt would also look good if you used three different shades of the same color  ( would be fun), provided there is good contrast.   Winter holiday colors, or colors for a kids' quilt will work.

Large prints with a lot of stuff going on are probably not the best choice for this quilt.

Here are my choices:

You will need:

Red:   1-1/4 yards
Blue:   1-1/4 yards
White/Background:  2-1/4 yards
Inner border:  3/8 yard   (Choose either the Red or Blue; I will be using Red)
Outer border:  3/4 yard     (You can use one of the fabrics in the rest of the quilt--though not the same as the Inner Border, or you can use a complementary fabric.  I will be using the same blue as in the rest of the quilt)

Have fun choosing fabrics, and I'll see you back here next Monday!

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