Thursday, July 10, 2014

Design Challenge Week #11: Results

This week's challenge:  design a quilt around the kitchen, specifically knife skills.

My knife skills are not in the perfection category, but I still have all my fingers.  (I did lose the veriest little bit of the tip of one finger, but that was a rotary cutter accident, not a knife crisis.)

My first thought was dicing: lots of nice, little squares.   If I were really good with knife skills the dice would be even and consistent in size.  However, my diced is dicey.  (Besides, an even dice in a quilt would just be squares of the same size and, while I love postage stamp quilts, that wouldn't meet my objectives here.)

I'm picturing many colors of hand-dyed fabric.  I guess it would be a diced salad, with LOTS of different ingredients.

A cutting board with piles of dice:

Next up in knife skills is slicing; think "red onions."   Here we have all sorts of choices, changing sizes and colors, and arrangements.  I started with "rings" that are really discs with red onion rims.

Actual onion rings could also be grouped, stacked, whatever.

Just for fun, stacking closely creates a sort of Slinky effect.

And changing colors in a different kind of stack makes for a bit of an optical illusion.

The final knife skill for the challenge is cutting julienne strips.  (This one was the most fun, to be honest.)  Think carrot strips.

It's easy to make a pinwheel from the strips.

But, in the end, I like the overlap design the most:

I tried it in a block arrangement but it was pretty blah, and didn't look at all right.  So, I returned to my favorite vertical strip, which I would offset from the center, placing it at about 1/3 the width of the background.

Oh, and I was shifting the strip sets around, I ended up with something that looked like an old-fashioned camera case (with the "bellows" look), so I added some sliced rings.  Just for fun.

Because fun is what it's all about, right?

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