Thursday, June 26, 2014

Design Week #9: Results

This week my challenge was to design a quilt around an architectural element or detail. I have been gathering photos of interesting details for some time and decided it was time to buckle down and do something with them.

The element I chose was this hinge on a door at my hairdresser's shop.   I don't know how many times I must have passed this in the years I've been going to Valerie's shop, but one day a few months I finally saw it.  Wow!  Don't you love this sort of attention to detail?  I'm absolutely in love with it. (It seems like it must be something from Craftsman days?)

First, I deconstructed it and started playing with just the bars.  (Yes, perhaps you noticed that the hinge is full of my favorite design elements:  bars and circles.)   As a weaver, I especially appreciate the woven effect.   Honestly, I don't think this would be a bad quilt (or block) on its own.

It creates an interesting effect if you put them side by side....

or stack them.

As I was doing the copying and pasting for the side-by-side, the copies layered themselves on top of each other in rather intriguing patterns, too.
Since I like circles, I wanted to introduce them into the design.  Stylizing the design on the hinge just a bit:

Or, shifting things a bit more:
The original design is gorgeous itself, so a design that is quite close to the original, but with just a touch of stylizing to include the screws, was definitely called for.

I think my favorite, though, is more stylized,

and stacks a few of the design on top of each other, for a vertical look on a quilt.  This one might well be on my design wall in the not-too-distant future.

Which is your favorite?   Do you have a favorite architectural feature or element that might be a quilt design?

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