Thursday, June 12, 2014

Design Challenge: Week #7 Results

The challenge this week:  design a quilt around your favorite dessert.   There was never any question that, for me, it would revolve around chocolate.  I explored three different chocolate desserts.

Chocolate cream pie is a favorite of several in my family.    First was a single slice of pie, with a crimped crust.   Now that I think more about it, I might put a thin line of crust around the two plain edges of the pie but, for now, here's my concept of a slices of chocolate pie--sans meringue or whipped cream.  I suppose you could consider the white triangles between to be the whipped cream.

Then I tried a few more arrangements, including one with alternating slices that have whipped cream.

If there's anything better than a slice of chocolate cream pie, it's an entire pie.  So, on to arrangements of entire pies.

And, to be fair, I do like just about any kind of pie.

Chocolate pie is a favorite but, harking back to my childhood and girl Scout camp, S'mores rank pretty high on the favorites list.

I rather like design motifs that are vertically placed, especially along the 1/3 vertical division.

Finally, there is nothing at all wrong with just pieces of chocolate.  Belgian chocolate is fabulous but I don't scoff at just about any piece of chocolate.

I wanted to like the chocolate pie designs best, but I confess that I think the vertical S'mores design and the box of chocolates are my favorites.   What's your favorite?

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