Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Design Challenge, Week 2 Results

It was fun to play with designs for this week's challenge; I could probably do more with the ideas, but I was able to come up with at least one that I would be happy to actually make.

The challenge was to design a quilt about what I had for breakfast:  Cheerios.   Here are the ideas from my sketch book:

The first is just a rough representation of the cereal pouring out of the box, and I could probably work with it more and like it better, but it isn't my favorite. 

   I also played with the idea of the Os floating around in a bowl of milk (almond milk, in my case) but it was too regular to suit my mood that day.  It might be interesting, though, to do a quilting pattern on the white in a sort of "splash" or "splat" design.

The idea that I labeled "Rebel" gave me a bit of a giggle, and I still like rather like it.  Perhaps someday I'll do a small Rebel, but I didn't give it more attention at the moment.

Next, I turned to some narrow, vertical bars nestled among (semi)randomly placed Os.  (I seem to have a bit of an obsession with strips right now, don't I?)   I like it quite a bit and, now that I type "vertical" I'm thinking that it might be interesting to place a few horizontal bars, too.   Hmmm.  Maybe I'll give that a try some day.   It's always good to have lots of ideas tucked away for the future and any creative dry spells.

My favorite, and the one I chose to work with for the challenge, featured Os in boxes.  Cereal boxes, in fact.  :-)  It started out with just single boxes, but doubling the size of some of them made it more interesting. 

I like the scattered look, and it's fine this way but I'm looking for something more intriguing than "fine."   I tried changing the size of the boxes and the Os, using different colors, and just generally fussing around with them.  In the end, the design combined all of those.    I'm not certain yet if I might like to scatter the boxes all over the surface of the quilt, or just in a vertical bar--there's that bar obsession again; that will require some more futzing around.

I try not to think about how I'd actually put a quilt together when I'm designing, for fear it will limit the creative flow.  But today I've been thinking about how I might actually put the quilt together.  I know how I'll do the Os in the boxes, but there are several options for putting the boxes on the surface.  I could piece them, but that would mean a great many background strips and I think that would be distracting, even when quilted.  I could hand applique them, which might result in corners that are not perfectly crisp--and we like cereal to be crispy in the box, don't we?  I do like applique, so that's a possibility; I would just have to be very careful and precise at the corners.   I could do a machine/raw edge applique, which would be less crisp but might add some interesting texture to it.   That's a consideration for another day, when I sit down to make the quilt.

What do you think?  Do you think some of the other ideas are worth pursuing?  What ideas do you have for any of them?

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