Sunday, December 5, 2010

Finally weaving!

Finished warping the loom, and finally got started weaving.  I'm learning many things: double-check for crossed warp threads before weaving,  etc.

Tied to back apron rod:

Back beam warped...

And finally weaving!  ( Notice that I'm not showing you the beginning of the weaving!)   I practiced several inches of tabby (plain) weave and dealing with things like the selvedges (managing them is, for me, different than on the rigid heddle--or, at least different enough that I'm having to play with it), and crossed warp thread (note to self:  double-check for crossed threads BEFORE you start weaving---oh, did I mention that before???)  Then I tried twill weave.   I like it.

The yarn I'm using is a little stretchy but it's working OK--probably good for me to learn how to do it.  I do like the rhythm of treadle-shuttle-beat-treadle-shuttle-beat, which you can't do with a rigid heddle.  And having 4 shafts make it easy to do patterns that look complicated.

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