Sunday, December 19, 2010

Cany Cane weaving

The warping for my candy cane weaving is finished.  This is actually the second warping, having used the fuzzy yarn for the white in the warp and then cutting it all off because it wasn't going to work-the fuzziness gets tangled with the fuzziness next door, and I would have had to physically work with each end to open the shed on every pick.  I also tried tying the new warp onto the old, and found that I didn't like that--I still rather like doing the warp from the start.

Anyway, the new warping, with all cotton, went well and seems to be working--the fell is as straight as any of my weaving so far.  I had to correct a threading error but, thanks to having learned with the last weaving to check the shed BEFORE starting to weave.  I think--fingers crossed--that all is well.

I'm not sure yet that I like the fuzzy yarn for the weft.  When I finish this weaving I think I'll try a smaller sample, using the cotton for the weft, too.

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