Sunday, May 12, 2013

Life from Mom, Second Time Around

On this Mother's Day I have been thinking a lot about my Mom, who passed away more than six years ago.   Not only did she give me life, literally, to begin with but she also started me on the path that is to be my new life, after retirement from public employment.   I learned a great many things about life from Mom, of course, and she also taught me to knit, crochet, embroider, and SEW. 

I don't remember at what age I learned to sew but I think it must have been seven or eight.  She sat me down at the Featherweight (which I have now, in my home) and showed me how to make doll clothes and my own clothes.  If was from her that I learned how to select and read patterns, choose fabric, thread a machine and sew a straight seam.    She had more patience than I suspect I deserved!

Even now I remember the lessons she taught me.  (And on a day like today, I especially remember one that has served me well for more than half a century:  "If you're tired, stop sewing; if you don't you'll only make a mistake that you'll have to rip out and correct, anyway.")  I didn't begin quilting until I was 18 but everything I learned from Mom about sewing and color and design has been a part of the path that is leading me to the next step in my life, as Warped Spinster.

Thanks, Mom, for everything.  Love you, and miss you!

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