Saturday, September 8, 2012


Today I found "my" quilt shop again.  The shop at which I worked for a dozen years, and where I did (naturally) most of my shopping closed at the end of last year.  There are several other quilt shops in the metro area but I have missed being able to run (basically) around the corner if I needed to pick something up; 40 minutes to the nearest other shop just isn't quite the same.

But a new shop opened this week, and only 5-10 minutes from my house.  It's a bright and cheerful place, with friendly staff and a variety of things to make my heart glad.  (And they have DMC floss--you'd be surprised how hard that is to find in these parts.)  It's lovely to have a shop to call "home" again--it's just a good feeling, as any quilter or knitter/crocheter knows.

So, while it's not good news for my pocketbook, it's good for my soul.  Support your Local Quilt Shop or Local Yarn Shop!!

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