Saturday, March 17, 2012

Dyeing to Begin

I've been thinking about getting started with dyeing fiber for awhile now--I so admire the dyeing talent that I see out there in the spinning and knitting world.  I know, intellectually, that it will take me some time to get good at it, but I have one of those "I want to do it perfectly, and I want to do it perfectly NOW" kind of personalities, so I'm going
to have post or record little reminders to myself that it will take lots of practice and experimentation, and I should have fun with it.

I ordered some Greener Shades (no heavy metals) dyes from Still River Mill, some BFL Fiber from    Hampton Artistic Yarns (and consequently some various fibers from a Fiber Fancy de-stash) and today I embarked on the adventure.  Following the process demonstrated by  Deb Menz  in her "Dying in the Kitchen" video I prepared dye stock solutions for seven of the nine colors in the starter kit. (I still haven't mixed the orange or flame red.)

First I ran some errands to get some materials to dedicate to dyeing; the hardest to find were the syringes, but those weren't hard, either--once I determined online that my local Tractor Supply Company has them.

Mixing the dye stock solutions

Seven colors (and citric acid solution) mixed.  (You can see by the rag that we had quite a colorful adventure.)  They need to cool before I use them, but that gives me more time to consider the colors I want to use in my first try.  I'm thinking purple and aqua though, given that it's St. Patrick's Day, I might want to do something a bit Irish--but NOT kelly green.  What do you think?

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